Mid-Week away

Every once in a while we need to escape the island and be in a city. This time we’re going back to Singapore. I always look forward to going back to Singapore, it really feels like coming home a bit. Not the same as in Holland, but still it’s all so familiar. Maybe it was because this is the first place we’ve lived together, or because it was the first place we’ve lived abroad, but it just feels great to be there.


So for the coming days we’ve not planned too much, but I know our days will be packed. Besides meeting up with friends, there will be a long list of food items to check off on our Singapore list {you can’t go to Singapore and not enjoy the great food the country has to offer}. First up will be a visit to Din Tai Fung for their amazing Dim Sum dishes, and the following days we’ll have to squeeze in some roti prata, sate’s, chilli crab, pepper crab, chicken rice, laksa, and much more… Looking forward to all the food already.

And then I just found out Ruben has never been to the Botanical Gardens. So that will definitely be a stop on our Singapore tour {feeling like a celebrity now 😉 }. And off course a visit to the Gardens by the Bay, as they’ve opened up since we left and we’ve never had the chance to visit until now.

Anything else I missed out?! Let me know what I should be doing in Singapore and I’ll try it out 🙂

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