Phuket Picks; Tunk Ka Restaurant on Rang Hill

Last month one of our friends from Singapore came over to Phuket. She wanted to take us out for dinner as she was unable to join us for our wedding celebration in Spain. I was already looking for nice places to go to for dinner, until she said she had found the perfect place… A place we did not even visit yet – so I got very excited. Reservations were made and so on a lovely Sunday evening we headed out to Rang Hill.


Tunk Ka Restaurant {or Tunk Ka Cafe} on Rang Hill.


Tunk Ka is a well known restaurant, located on top of Rang Hill. Before this dinner, we had gone to Rang Hill ones, but as there were a lot of renovations going on, we did not really stay there for a long time. So we did not have the chance to visit Tunk Ka before.


Tunk Ka is a Thai restaurant with an amazing view over Phuket Town, with in the back the sea and the Big Buddha. It’s a perfect place for sunset, not too crowded and definitely a view like no other on the island. You can see the sun setting behind the big buddha, and it’s just extraordinary to see this happening. Once the sun has gone down, you are looking out over Phuket Town, still offering you a wonderful sight with all the twinkling lights below.


Beside the wonderful view the food is really nice here. They offer many great local dishes, but be sure to take a look at their recommended items – they are yummy!

Food and Drinks

We decided to have a real Thai dinner, which meant we would be sharing our dishes. Each of us would pick a dish – obviously taking in mind what the others already ordered. We had a great spread on the table with spring rolls, fried rice, tom ka goong, vegetables {of which I can’t remember the name – oops}, Shrimp in yellow curry, crab and much more. Just looking at the pictures make me yummy.


But this was not even the best of all. We had seen many amazing coffees passing by our table, so we were sure to try one of their signature iced coffees after dinner and also the banana and coconut fritter. While the coconut fritter was a little blend, the banana fritter was to die for {seriously good – especially with the caramel like sauce!}



There are many places that will offer you Thai dishes for a lower price, but they don’t have the amazing view over town. Prices are therefore a little bit more expensive, but still very reasonable.

Price rating: $$

{$ – fast food/self service | $$ – casual, sit down service | $$$ – more formal dining | $$$$ – most expensive, special occasion}


Tunk Ka Restaurant is located on Rang Hill close to Phuket Town:

Khosimbi Road, Ratsada
83000 Mueang Phuket, Phuket

[Google maps]

The verdict

Tunk Ka is a great Thai restaurant with a beautiful view for sunset {be there around 6PM to enjoy the best sunset, enjoying the changing colours of the sky}. Best time to go there is for sunset as during the day I think it is quite hot {although you’ll still have a nice view over Phuket Town}. Definitely a place where we would go back again and again and again…

Verdict: 5/5

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