Introducing Wedding Wednesday

For the coming weeks I’m going to walk you through my wedding planning, with all the good, bad and ugly that comes along with planning a big festivity such as this. I promise, it won’t be boring and I hope some of you will learn from my mistakes and successes. Hence, the introduction of Wedding Wednesday’s!



‘But how did it all start?’ you might wonder. Years ago {oh how I sound like my late grandmother now} Ruben and I met at the Hotelschool The Hague where we both studied for a Bachelor in Hospitality Management. If you would have told me then that I would have followed him to the other side of the world, and that we would get married at an amazing winery, I would have looked at you and thought “that could happen, when I’m like,… really old”. So apparently we’re really old now, as it all came through last month.

Our engagement period was long. Have you seen the movie the 5 year engagement? Well we did not make it to 5 years, but still it was a super long time…

CityHallWeddingOfficially, that’s not really true though… Ruben proposed to me in November 2011, when we went  back home in Holland to visit our family, in the room he grew up at his parents house he went down on one knee and popped the question, and off course I said yes.
Asking me back home was his best decision ever, as I could share the great news with my friends and family back home face to face, instead of FaceTime to FaceTime… In August 2012 my brother and his long time girlfriend got married. As the Dutch government had just decided that we would not be able to get married at the Dutch Consulate in Hanoi {or at any Dutch consulate for that matter} due to budgeting issues (really – I would have paid big money to get married in Hanoi if this would mean we did not have to make an additional flight back to Holland), we asked whether it would be ok with them if we would get married at city hall a couple of days after their wedding. They said it would be fine, and so we went to city hall with our direct family and our Masters of Ceremony on August 6, 2012.

Even though my very good friend Yismery (the designer of Tarshish, a fabulous clothing store in HCMC that ships clothes all around the world) custom made my city hall wedding dress {look at that gorgeous dress!!!} and it was a very nice and intimate setting, we always said that this day would not count for us as our wedding day {even though it is pencilled in to our diary for each year}. As we did not have the real wedding that we’ve both dreamed off – a destination wedding with a group of our close family and friends. One where we could celebrate and spend time with everyone for more then just one wedding day. And so this was what happened on the weekend of 6 September, 2014. An amazing wedding weekend of which I’m still beaming with happiness when anyone asks me about it…

Stay tuned for more wedding stories to come!

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