The ALS Bucket Challenge; to raise awareness AND money

ALS Ice Bucket

For a while now I am seeing all these ALS Bucket Challenges passing by on my Facebook and Twitter feed. In the beginning I thought it was pretty fun, and a cool way to raise attention for such a horrible decease. And surely the people who participated in the challenge would also donate money, and if not, they would raise awareness so that other people would donate money.

I was shocked to find out that since the ice bucket challenge began, ‘only’ 15 million dollars was raised for ALS research. I mean 15 million dollar is a lot of money, however with so many A-list stars in Hollywood and famous people over the world raising awareness for this cause, we should have been able to raise more money then 15 million dollars (to put it in perspective this is not even 1 dollar per person in Holland! A small, but wealthy country in Europe, where I am from).

At that point I started getting very annoyed by all these people doing the ALS ice bucket challenge and posting there video; raising awareness but no money. Until I saw this clip:

{Check out the link on youtube directly:}

Yes it starts out a little weird and the same as all other ALS ice bucket challenges, until you hit 1:59 and you see the guy in the movie (Anthony Carbajal) talking about his life with with ALS. Not only his grandmother and mother have ALS, but he recently found out that he has ALS as well. He is so happy with the challenge and the fact that it raises awareness and money, and even though it’s not as much as I thought it would be {and who am I really to talk about this?!}, it still helps raise money for a great cause: finding a cure for ALS.

While looking at more and more videos, I have to say that I am also very happy to see that more and more people start to note where you can donate money {which did not happy in the beginning of this challenge}.

So people, don’t just throw buckets of ice on top of yourself, but also take a look at the website of the ALS Association {} and help to raise money, one ice bucket at a time, to create a world without ALS!

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