Travel Tuesday; Favourite restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

After living in Ho Chi Minh City {HCMC} for almost 4 years, we have come to know of some famous and less famous places to go for dinner. Take a look at some of my most favourite places:

  • Cuc Gach Quan
    Cuc Gach Quan Restaurant
    Cuc Gach Quan is the best Vietnamese Restaurant we have ever eaten in HCMC. The food is amazing, the staff can speak good English and offer great service. Every time we went to Cuc Gach Quan (and this was quite often), we walked out having had a great evening.
    The restaurant is tucked-away on the boarder of District 1, so it’s not really on walking distance from the downtown, and it’s advised to have someone explain the exact location to the taxi driver (if you take a taxi).
    The restaurant itself is owned by a Vietnamese architect, who renovated an old villa into this beautiful restaurant with several separated dinging areas. It can be very busy one evening, but due to the way the restaurant is set up you never have that feeling.
    The food itself is Vietnamese / French, and just to die for. Some of my all time favourites were the fried tofu with lemon grass, Lotus shoot salad, Pomelo salad, sea bass with passion fruit sauce, soft-shell crab with tamarind, morning glory, Tien Ly flower. I can keep on going thinking of it!
    To note: it’s recommended to make a reservation in advance.
    Cuc Gach Quan |10 Dang Tat, Ward Tan Dinh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City | Tel: +84838480144 | Web: | Email:


  • Courtyard at the Refinery
    This lovely little courtyard can be found on Hai Ba Trung, a great place to go for dinner. Here you will find several lovely restaurants from Australian (Jaspa’s), French bistro (The Refinery), Japanese, to Vietnamese (Hoa Tuc). It’s a great place when you haven’t made up your mind on what you want to eat yet, as they have so much to offer. And if you can’t make a decision just take a seat on one of the terraces and enjoy a drink before you have your dinner.

    74 Hai Ba Trung {opposite the side entrance of Park Hyatt Hotel}, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Nha Hang Ngon
    Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant If you’ve been reading this blog a little longer, you might have seen this name before, as in Hanoi you’ll find another Ngon Restaurant. Nha Hang Ngon means Restaurant Delicious, and I can tell you that the food served here is definitely delicious.
    When the restaurant started {on a different location}, local people came from out of town to sell their street food in this restaurant. To keep the standard with the ever growing foreign visitors, the restaurant is still set up with several food stalls, but now the people are working directly for the restaurant and don’t bring their own food to prepare. The dishes are amazing traditional street food dishes.
    The menu is very extensive, so there is a great choice for everyone, my favourites where BBQ beef with chili salt, Vietnamese Pancakes, Fresh spring rolls, and anything coming from their BBQ!
    To note: there are 2 restaurants with the same name in this area; make sure that you’ll be at the right location. Also make a booking in advance, as it’s always busy here, and be there before 7pm to make sure the most popular dishes are still available.

    Nha Hang Ngon | 160 Pasteur, Phuong Ben Nghe, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh City | Tel: +84838277131 | Web:  
  • Au Parc
    If you have been traveling around Vietnam for a while, and looking for a western breakfast, lovely cup of coffee or a nice sandwich, visit Au Parc. This restaurant is situated in between the Notre Dame and the Reunification Palace, and a perfect spot to sit and enjoy a delicious home made meal.
    To note: if you want to sit outside on the weekend, make a reservation in advance as outdoor seating is limited.

    Au Parc | 23 Han Thuyen, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City | Tel: +84838292772 | Web: | Email:
  • L’Usine
    This place combines a restaurant with a trendy boutique in the middle of District one. A great place to go for lunch, coffee or just one of their amazing cupcakes. They have now opened up on several other locations, but I still love to one on Dong Khoi the best. My favourite dish was definitely the lamb loin sandwich with baby beet, feta cheese and rocket salad; delicious! Owh and off course a lovely red velvet cupcake before heading back to work!
    To note: lunch time can be very busy, be prepared to wait a little before you can be seated.

    L’Usine | 151/1 Dong Khoi Street, 1st floor, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City | Tel: +84866749565 | Web: | Email:

Tell me – do I miss any of your favourite restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City??

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