10 Instagram accounts I love {right now…}

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, it’s no secret that I love photography. I always try to follow the photo-a-day challenge with Fat Mum Slim. And most of the photos I take are with my iPhone, unless off course I take the time to bring out my DSLR camera and I’ll be snapping away the entire day.

I was super excited when Instagram started – or well when I discovered Instagram and started using it. Every day I spend some time checking photos of other people, or even posting some of my own. I get so inspired by all the different pictures that head my way. Not only the photographs itself – which are a lot of time out of this world – but also for myself to make better pictures, get out more, experience things and get more creative.

Since I joined Instagram I’ve come across several accounts that inspire me in my daily life, have me make more photos and make me come back for more. Every account is different and there are so many of them I love, but here are some of my most favourites at this moment:


01. ineymai

As a true Singaporean ineymai’s Instagram feed is filled with pictures of food and drinks {always a great place to find inspiration where to go eat in Bangkok}. Besides that she shows us a little about her life in Bangkok and her love for fashion. She also writes a blog, which focusses on her fashion finds and outfits of the day – take a look at http://ineymai.com.


02. leslieshewring

When going through the pictures of Leslie, you can see that she has a background in architecture and interior design. She has the most amazing pictures, taken with her iPhone camera only, on her Instagram feed. Photos from food, to buildings and much more. Take a look at her blog as well http://acreativemint.typepad.com.


03. rowetimsonRow Timson and her family packed up their life in Australia and moved to Bali. On her Instagram feed you’ll find pictures of their family adventures in Asia – taken with her iPhone only. Her pictures are always very calming to me, and I love having them pop up on my feed. If you love her photos on her Instagram, make sure you take a look at her website too http://rowetimson.com.


04. nicole_franzen

Nicole Franzen is a food, lifestyle and travel photographer and you see that right away when looking on her Instagram account. When going through her feed you see so many beautiful pictures; it’s difficult not to love them all.


05. bloesemblogs

Irene Hoofs is the founder and editor of the Bloesem Blog. Originally from Holland, she has been living all around the world and currently lives with her husband and two sons in Singapore. That might be one of the reasons that I love to follow her Instagram photos… However if you go through the photos you will find lovely, peaceful pictures in soft colours. Same goes for her blog itself http://www.bloesem.blogs.com.


06. drewkelly

Drew Kelly is one of the few foreigners posting photos of North Korea. The pictures he takes there are amazing. He has a free rein to move around and interact with the locals on the school’s campus where he taught English in Pyongyang, however he’s more limited when he is away from the university grounds. It’s amazing to have an insight look of life in North Korea.


07. ourwildabandon

In August 2013, Jilian and Kyla {who started a photographic partnership} decided to sell all their belongings and hit the road. They document their life on Instagram, and show us how their journey looks like with lovely photos on every changing locations… Check out their website for more photo stories http://www.ourwildabandon.com.


08. kateoliver

I came across this Instagram photos when I heard about Kate’s rock that nap project somewhere {for the life of me, I can’t remember where I read it now…}. Kate Oliver makes photos of her kids asleep while wearing costumes that consist of whatever she can find around the house. It’s the most funny photos you will come across, and they always make my day! Besides the photo project she also posts regular pictures of her kids and their life. Do check out her website: http://rockthatnap.com


09. my_life_in_amsterdam

Whenever I am homesick you can find me browsing through the photos of my_life_in_amsterdam. He makes the best pictures of Amsterdam (and surroundings).


10. louisemitterdorferpLouise is another Dutchie living abroad – she resides in Australia and gives an insight look of here life there. She loves colours, details, textures and the real life, and this is what you get to see if you follow her Instagram feed. Love her photos? Do take a look at her blog as well http://ljhmp.blogspot.com.

And off course don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram account {freisdays} [http://instagram.com/freisdays]. Where I give you an insight look in my everyday living abroad, throwback thursdays and photo a day challenges I follow.

11. freisdays

So how about yourself? Any Instagrammers do you follow on a daily basis?  


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