Travel Tuesday; Packing tips 

photo 1Since I can remember I have always been struggling with packing my suitcase. Years ago I used to make lists of what to bring, following the list exactly. With or without a list, every time I am struggling with finding space in my suitcase as I am always bringing way too much stuff with me – I think that I don’t use 40% of the items I am bringing along.

In September we will be flying to Spain for our wedding. This means that beside the normal holiday stuff, we will also need to bring wedding related stuff – such as clothing, thank you gifts, deco and more. And as we’re flying with Turkish Airlines we’re only allowed to bring along 20kg, so it’s going to be tough.

Due to this I thought to go and take a look online to see which tips I could find on packing. It’s good to know I am not the only one who struggles with this. Here are some of the best tips I found online which I will definitely use for our trip in September:

  • Make a list! Make a list for each and every trip for your basics {bras, underwear, socks, jeans, sweater for in the evening, a nice dress for a night out, and so on}. Once you start packing use this list as your guideline so that you don’t overpack on items.
  • Organise your bag. On my last trip back home, I borrowed these amazing travel bags from my mom. In each bag you can put like minded items, one for jeans and more rough items, another for the delicates, one for underwear and so on. It was so easy to find everything back in my bag. Especially when you’re not staying in one place during your trip, it will make it a lot easier to pack and unpack your bag every time. You can do the same with your make-up, toiletries, and hair accessories. Put them in different cases and they will be so much more easy to find back.
  • Know how to pack. Don’t just put everything in your suitcase without thinking, but pay attention to the order of packing. Start with the heavy items on the bottom {for instance jeans, shoes, towels}, and the lighter items on top. By doing so you will be able to close your suitcase more easily {if you don’t overpack, off course} and your clothes will wrinkle less.
  • Use tricks. I always have one bunch of jewelry in a small bag, and when I arrive at my destination it’s usually a big mess with all the necklaces and bracelets all tied together and it takes me for ever to untangle them. For this reason I loved the following tip: use a straw to keep jewelry untangled. It is very simple {and now I am wondering why I never thought of this before…}, pull each necklace or bracelet through the straw after which you close them again. No way they will be tangled during my next trip again!
  • No more spilling liquids. I’m always bringing along liquids, and to fit all of them in my toiletry bag, I usually put them in smaller containers. However this often results in leaking bottles. According to several sites this is easy to solve by making the bottle air tight. Open the bottle and put a layer of clinging film on top of any bottle, then screw the lid back on top of the bottle. To be extra safe place the item in a ziplock bag.

Do you have any other tips that you have proven to work for packing for a long holiday?

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