Honouring the passengers of MH17; no one had the right to change their destination. 


For the past days I have been reading many stories about the tragic faith of airplane MH17. After reading the stories in the news, I had to wipe away many tears, and even tried to stop following the news all together. As I just could not continue hearing and reading about all those lives that were lost, for no reason. However, you can’t just stop following the news when something gets too difficult, and I really do think that these people need to be honoured in one way or another.

I was contemplating on whether I should write anything about this tragic accident. So many people have gone before me and written about it in such an amazing way. But when I was watching the news yesterday and seeing the first remains of the victims arriving back home in Holland, I knew I had to write this all down.

Yesterday was a day of mourning in Holland. A day the first remains of victims landed back on Dutch soil. It was an impressive tribute as the 40 coffins landed at Eindhoven air base. They were met by the King and Queen, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and hundreds of victims’s relatives. While they watched the coffins leave the planes you saw they were overcome with emotions.

Churches around the Netherlands rang their bells for five minutes before the planes landed, windmills came to a standstill and were put into mourning position, and flags of all the nations affected by the disaster have been flying at half mast. There was also a minut’s silence once the airplanes landed.
Honour guards brought the coffins into the 40 hearses that where waiting for them. And from Eindhoven Airport they were all brought to Hilversum, a city one hour drive away. On the way to Hilversum people had gathered on the side of the roads to honour those we lost during this awful accident. It was impressive and again I had to wipe away tears while following all of this on tv.

At this moment – a week after the accident – I am still shocked, and off course my heart goes out to all the family and friends of the victims. But I am also proud. Proud to see how well our Prime Minister is handling this situation. Being sure to first bring back all the bodies before going forward; in my mind this is the most important at this moment. Proud to hear the emotional speech of our Minister of Foreign Affairs at the UN Security Council Meeting on Ukraine. And proud to see all those people on the side of the road giving final respects to the people who passed away in this horrible tragedy, in which their destination was so horribly changed…

This tragedy hits a little too close to him for me… My heart goes out to all family and friends of the passengers and crew on board of MH17, sending them all the strength in the world to get through this difficult period.

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