Bloggy-type help by Fat Mum Slim


I have mentioned this website and the name Chantelle several times on my blog already in combination with the Photo-a-Day challenge that Chantelle makes over at her Fat Mum Slim Blog. I have been following her blog for the longest time now, and so before I started with this blog, I asked her the following question:

I have created my page already, and kind of have an idea what I want to write about. But I am getting stuck on my first blog post… Do I write about what I want to do on this blog? Or just dive in and start about things that keep me busy, and about which I want to write about in the future as well…

Was wondering whether you could give me some insight in how you got started on your first post.

The other day I received an email from Chantelle that she would answer my question in one of her blog posts, and even though I already started with my blog, I got really excited. How cool is it to have someone who has been blogging for the longest time, to take time and answer these kind of question on her blog. So that not only I can learn from her tips but everyone who’s struggling to start their blog. Issn’t that great?

Head over to her page here and read what she answered to my question.

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