Phuket life; Phuket weekend market

I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but since we have been living in Phuket I have never been to the Phuket Weekend Market. I can make up many excuses, like the fact that Ruben was always working on the weekend, or that I didn’t know where to find it, but that would be a little too easy on myself. I just never took the time to look into it properly. However, last Sunday we finally made an effort to go there!

At first we were unable to find the location, but in the end we found it just on a street close to where we were looking. {For anyone interested: when you’re approaching Central Festival coming from Metro, turn right at the traffic light. At the next traffic light turn left, and when you see a sign with Naka apartments you turn left again. The market is opposite Naka Temple.}
On several blogs it stated that it was known as the Chatuchak market of Phuket, which I can understand a bit, but it does not come close to the size of Chatuchak, nor the many different items they are selling there {such as antiques, paintings, flowers and much more}. However, it’s a nice market to walk around and just take a look of what everyone is selling.

The Phuket Weekend Market {also called Phuket Night Market, or Talad Tairod by the Thais}, is nevertheless big. With one part of the market being dedicated for food, and the rest for shopping. In the shopping area you can find everything from clothing, bags, DVD’s, jewellery and much more. Of which most of the items are fake. There are some shops that offer local designs for bags and clothing, and also some jewellery makers, but I wasn’t too sure about its quality…
We ended up buying some DVD series {obviously after checking the quality of the DVDs on the TV they had set up in the shop}. We were warned though that the movies were of lower quality then the series, so we just sticked with those. And so we know have some quality tv time in our near future!



After that we headed out to the food section, which we usually both like best. Really everything is for sale here, from fried crickets, to durian, to incredible cakes. We had a great time just walking around {sometimes closing our nose for the smells that came our way} and looking at all the different kinds of food. I just can never get enough of food on local markets.


Once we finished looking at everything we wanted to see, we headed to the side of the market where several bars where set up. We enjoyed some drinks here, and got some of the food from the market which we ate while looking at all the people passing by. We had a great evening out, it will take a while before I’ll be heading back here, but it’s definitely worth a trip while visiting Phuket. In the process of finding this market, I did find some other markets in Phuket Town, which I will for sure explore sometime soon. Will keep you posted!

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