Travel Tuesday; A night in Bangkok

01. BKKLast Monday was my Birthday, and Ruben suggested celebrating this with a weekend in Bangkok. Best idea ever!  Two of my good friends from Ho Chi Minh City recently moved here, so it was a birthday and a reunion all in one. I loved every second of it!

What is good about having friends living in other places is that we always have interesting new locations to go to. So when we arrived we had a complete list of restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Our plan for my birthday was to have dinner together and meet up with the ladies afterwards. The first hurdle to pass would be deciding on a restaurant to go to. We had way too many options, and this always makes me unable to make decisions….  I rather just have one or two options. First world problems right?!

02. OskarsSo after going through all the restaurants on the list, I decided we should go to Smith. Smith is located in a fashionable venue, in an industrial décor with an a-loft style ceiling. Smith comes from the name “blacksmith”, which translates into the fact that they will prepare the entire body of the animal – from nose to tail. The setting and the menu intrigued me. Unfortunately they were closed on Monday evening. Well that started out great. Just my luck!
Now I had to go through the list of amazing restaurants again. Finally {with a little bit of help from Ruben} we decided on going to Oskar on Soi 11. This bistro style restaurant warned us that if we would be more then 15min late, they would let go of our table reservation. By the time we arrived at 6:30pm, there was nobody there, so we were a bit confused. Within 30min the entire restaurant filled up and it all made sense.
Oskar’s has a club vibe, which was evident with the DJ who started playing at around 7:30PM {great tunes by the way!}. The place is cozy with several seats around the large bar area. We had a great spot at the window, right next to the bar {that soon became super busy!}. We had an amazing dinner, just the two of us, enjoying the great vibe in this restaurant and obviously the amazing food. Would recommend this place to anyone who is visiting Bangkok.

Next hurdle (which was not a hurdle at all) was deciding where to go for drinks. Ruben and I both love rooftop bars with a great view. Which made going to Sirocco at lebua an obvious choice. My lovely friends were already waiting for us by the time we arrived {need to keep in mind Bangkok traffic is crazy, even at 9pm in the evening}. Before we headed out to the rooftop area, we had some cocktails at Distils bar.  It was so difficult to make a decision with the amount of interesting and amazingly clever and innovative cocktails on the menu. The one that stood out was definitely the Amortentia cocktail – which was kind of a love potion. It arrived bubbling in a small bottle with cap, filled with rose petals and more… Just take a look at this amazing drink.

03. Amortentia    04. Drinks

After a couple of cocktails we finally headed out to the rooftop, to enjoy a view and some {or a lot of} giggles. When looking back at all the photos we spend more time photographing ourselves then the view {don’t have one proper view picture}, but most of all we laughed out loud about everything and nothing. That must have meant we had a great time together.

05. Sirocco              06. Sirocco


All and al it was a perfect birthday celebration and a perfect night out in Bangkok. I need to come back for Smith and all the other restaurants that are on my list. So Bangkok be aware; we’ll be back for more!

How do you like to spend your birthday? And do you have any other tips for Bangkok which we can all add to our list? 

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