Just wondering

Last week I came back from my 2 weeks back home in Holland. And when I was back, something happened that I have been experiencing ever since I left Europe. What is it? You will probably ask yourself. No it’s not that I am home sick or anything like that. It’s just that I come across people that I have met before (I am putting it in this way, as they are not friends but more an acquaintance), they fondly greet me and tell me that I got fat…

Really… What does this mean? I mean you’re not just telling someone they got fat because it’s a nice thing to say, right? Or is that pretty normal that you say that to each other. And I have to say that I only gained 1kg; so that means last week I was fat as well… It’s not just an Asia thing. I have experienced it in Antigua W.I. as well.

In Holland we would never tell someone that they are fat, or that they gained weight. Even though we are known for are straight forward and directness. So please can someone explain this phenomenon to me?

As said… Just wondering 😉

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