World Cup 2014

It’s the World Cup season at the moment. In Holland we just finished the World Cup Hockey – the ladies did incredibly well as always and became 1st, and the men did great until the finals which they lost miserably from Australia… Still it was amazing to see this big sport event back in Holland. I have to say I am really proud about the way it was set up in The Hague – where I lived for almost 6yrs. See this clip showing The Hague as a hockey city:

And then off course there is the World Cup Football {or as some countries call is Soccer}. I have to be totally honest with you that I don’t really like watching football. This might be due to the fact that I’m the youngest of 3 kids and the only girl. So my dad and my big brothers had to see every match that would be broadcasted on TV. Even though my mom and I were not big fans, we had to sit and see all the weekend matches on Sunday evening…
That being said, I do love seeing the Dutch team play. And that’s not really because of the matches or the sport, but because of the great atmosphere when watching these matches. I have great memories of watching Orange matches in several countries all around the world. For instance in France during our summer holiday many years ago, Or the matches we’ve seen in Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam. All Dutch people came together in Orange outfit to see the match and cheer on our team.

The first match of Holland I was able to see back home, with Dutch TV and reporters. That makes a match that much more fun, to hear the enthusiasm of Jack van Gelder {listen to this report from the first match of Holland}… And it’s always loads of fun to see the Orange craze in Holland, with supermarkets offering the weirdest gadgets and entire streets being decorated in orange.

Oranje                    hup-holland-hamsters-albert-heijn bavaria-holandress Juichpak

The first match of Holland was against Spain. This would be a great match to have our revenge for the World Cup Finals in 2010. And so we did… after a much better 1st half of Spain, Robin van Persie made the most beautiful goal ever just a few minutes before the break! And in the 2nd half the Dutch men were unable to be stopped. We won with 5-1 – this was an amazing match! Immediately after the match, funny jokes appeared online – which made me laugh out loud. Take a look at the ones that I thought where most hilarious:

Weather front in Spain   10440746_10152167880163862_8958269935193966919_n   Made in  

So how about you? Are you following the World Cup Football? Any team you’re supporting? 

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