The expat life; Flying home for the summer holidays

Yes – it’s that time of the year again; it’s summer. And here in Thailand, with summer comes rain {and loads of it!}, but also the time of year that many people leave the island to go back to their home countries. Meet up with their family and friends, or just spend their holidays elsewhere to be away from the rain. So the coming months will be very quiet in Phuket. Hopefully there will still be enough people to go for a game of tennis and a cup of coffee. We’ll see what happens.

Keep Calm and Fly Home


For Ruben it will be extra quiet the coming two weeks, as I am flying back home to Holland. Yes, I’m definitely escaping the island due to the rain, but my main reason is that one of my very very good friends is getting married in Holland, and I would not want to miss this big event for the world!

This year I am traveling a lot back to Europe. For the first time it’s possible, as I don’t have a job – and so leaving on a jet plane is fairly easily arranged – but also as there are a lot of thing happening {such as weddings – of friends and organizing my own}. I love going back home; seeing all my family and friends. I am so happy to see my nephew and nieces so much this year. They are growing up so quickly! And off course just being able to eat my favorite Dutch dishes.

However, there are downsides to traveling home. Besides the super long flight (this time I’m flying MH on have a 11hr layover in KL, so it’s taking me over 24hrs to get home…), I always need a holiday after my holiday. It’s pretty exhausting to fly back home. You want to see as many people as possible, so you’re traveling around the country (luckily Holland is not that big) going from one place to the other and eating and drinking as much as you physically can. Ruben and I always make jokes about the coffee and one cookie we get offered when we go visit people in Holland (the one cookie is not a joke – it’s fairly common for people to have a cookie jar and open it with the coffee, and once you take one out the cookie jar will be closed again…). On average we drink 3 times more coffee than at home, so now I am trying to keep it with tea so that I can clock in some sleeping hours too!
Anyways – I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing trip back home, especially with the wedding I’ll be attending. So looking forward to it already J

How about you? Do you go home for the summer? Or travel elsewhere? Would love to hear what you’re doing this summer. 

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