Happy work anniversary King Willem-Alexander!

Exactly one year ago today Willem-Alexander became King of Kingdom of The Netherlands. Last year millions of Dutch people dressed in orange to celebrate the once-in-a-generation milestone for the House of Orange-Nassau. Our (now previous) Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne after a 33-year reign, in favor of her eldest son Willem-Alexander. At the age of 46 he would be the youngest monarch in Europe and the first king in the Netherland in 123 years. And with 3 beautiful daughters, he will automatically followed by a Queen. Apparently the orange family is a family of Ladies who run the world! …uhm Country!

Royal Dutch Family

Royal Dutch Family

This year there was not a lot of difference with the regular Queens day celebrations – as the King and his royal family went to two cities in Holland to celebrate his Birthday; they went to De Rijp and Amstelveen. Officially these two cities where supposed to be visited in 2013 – but due to the abdication it was impossible to go there. So our Monarch’s birthday was celebrated as every other year. And off course there were parties throughout the country.
As we were in Holland last week, we were very lucky to celebrate the first ever King’ s day! And it was amazing we had so much fun!

Catching up

Hippie Happy King’s Day

In the morning I met up with friends from all over the world for a brunch in the park in Capelle a/d Ijssel. And with all over the world I mean it – I met these three lovely ladies {from Holland, Germany and Canada} in Ho Chi Minh City and now they came together in Holland to celebrate King’s day – and faith {or dumb luck} brought us together on King’s Day 2014. It was the first time we saw each other again in 2 years or so! So besides celebrating Hippie Happy King’s Day {not my words, I promise!} we had a lot of catching up to do!

After this I went off to Amsterdam. King’s Day festivities in Amsterdam are like one big orange street party. Everyone is dressed in orange – or wearing something orangey – and it’s one happy party! People drink the entire day, travel on boats, sell their crap on the “vrijmarkts” {flea market}, going around the canals on their orange boats, and the streets are filled with music and party people. Check out this time laps of all the boats trying to enter the city center canals: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/netherlands/amsterdam/10793618/Timelapse-Amsterdam-canal-boats-cause-traffic-jam-for-Kings-Day.html

Due to the brunch in Capelle a/d Ijssel I was a little late in Amsterdam {around 4pm} but the party was still in full swing. We met up in the city centre with some friends and it became one big reunion of people from various times in my life… From my old hockey club, friends of my brother to many people from the Hotel School The Hague.

King's Day 2014

King’s Day 2014

We had a truly had a blast! And for King Willem-Alexander: congratulations on your first year as King of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I think you’re doing a great job, and being a great representative of our country! I hope you will keep up this great job and look forward to the years and King’s Days ahead!

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