Jam-packed trip back home…

Last week I travelled back home to Holland for a surprise visit. Ruben will only be coming for a couple of days, so I was travelling alone. How I hate to travel on my own; especially with bad weather conditions and a layover of a couple of hours. It can be so boring, and for one reason or another people always start chatting with me on long long conversations {which I never know how to finish in a nice way, but still letting them know I really want to continue sleeping}.

One of the best ways to travel to Holland from Phuket is through Dubai with Emirates. I love flying Emirates; the planes are fairly new (Dubai to Amsterdam flies the A380), it’s spacious, they have loads of staff {who are very hospitable} and the food is good. Owh and another advantage is that the plane leaves in the middle of the night, so you can have a good nap before arriving in Dubai. I’m always pleasantly surprised when flying with them!

Emirates A380

Emirates A380

It’s a jam-packed schedule {as always} with my friend´s bachelorette in Rotterdam, followed by Easter, and the coming week is filled with wedding preparations {hair, dress, meeting our Masters of Ceremony}, babysitting my nephew and {two} nieces, a royal honor {not for me obviously} and the first Kings Day in Holland. So this week will be one with lesser updates, as I am spending all of my time with family and friends! But will keep you updated with pictures!

What is your schedule like when going back home? Crazy busy or a nice mix of get-togethers and leisure?

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