Phuket life; Exploring the Island

The best thing about moving to new places is to explore the new city {or in this case island}.

The first thing I usually want to have arranged is transportation. In Singapore this was quite easy, as public transport is widely available and well organized. In Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) we had an awesome motorbike that brought us around town. So when we arrived in Phuket, we thought a motorbike was a good way to start moving around the island. Owh how we were wrong! Compared to HCMC (where the traffic usually is not over 30km/hr), this was a dangerous way to get around, especially when leaving Kamala area. Roads are tortuous and steep, and other road users tend to drive quite fast. So it was decided very quickly that we would rent a car {for safety purposes!}.

I love driving and as we had not been doing this for the past 6 years, I was very excited to be back behind the wheel. So I’ve been driving the island a lot. And last weekend, we finally made a real road trip together.



We decided to head south toward Cape Panwa, and stop along the way whenever we felt like it. We were hoping to see many fun sites on our way around, and make it a full day trip. Luckily we were not let down by the island!

Caution - crossing elephants

Caution – crossing elephants

First stop was for lunch at The Boathouse on Kata Beach ( The restaurant is located at the beach with a great view.

Kata Beach

View from The Boathouse at Kata Beach

We went for a simple lunch sharing a salad and a sandwich. However the restaurant offers great Thai and French options, and we found out they have live music in the evening (except for Monday’s). So I’m sure we will be back!

Next up was the Promthep Cape; we stopped at two amazing viewing points. The first viewing point was at the windmill viewing point, which has a small rest house. These houses are build along the coastal roads for people to enjoy the view, or at least that’s what I have made myself to believe. What an amazing view we had; overlooking the sea with many boats below us. And on the left we saw a wedding being set up; isn’t this the best place for a beach wedding?

View from Windmill View

View from Windmill View

Panorama view at windmill viewing point

Panorama view at windmill viewing point

After this we kept on driving to the official Promthep Cape – sunset view point, which was more build for mass tourism. Many tour busses where parked at the parking lot, and even though it was the middle of the day it was quite busy. Walking up the mountain, I could imagine why – the view was stunning. We are never very lucky to see a good sunset {it always seems cloudy when we decide to go} but I can imagine that this is a very loved placed for a beautiful sunset.

Promthep Cape viewing point

Promthep Cape viewing point

Since it was still early in the day, we did not want to stop our road trip yet. We were having way too much fun to go home already. So we decided to take a look at the map and see what else we could do on this side of the island; and our eye fell for Cape Panwa.

The southern most tip of this cape is home to a Marine Biological Research Centre and Phuket’s Aquarium. As we didn’t really feel like going to an aquarium that day, we just drove around and looked at the sights that were outside our window with scenic vies out across Chalong Bay and Lone Island.

Before we headed home, we went to have a drink at The Regent Phuket Cape Panwa ( This luxury hotel is tucked away overlooking a secluded bay. It’s a very tranquil and relaxing place to be with an amazing pool overlooking the sea.
Unfortunately we were not there to stay overnight, but I have to say the view from the poolside was amazing and the service at the pool area was great. We enjoyed an ice-cold beer, looking out over the stunning looking Andaman Sea, and really did not want to leave. But as it goes the sun was setting and it was time to go home.

Ice Cold Singha at The Regent

Ice Cold Singha at The Regent Cape Panwa

It was an amazing road trip with many lovely sites. Hopefully we’ll be having another great trip next weekend. Will keep you posted on that!

How about you? Do you enjoy exploring a new place? Or will you take it easy and see whatever comes on your path? 

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